World Mental Health Day & The Why Behind Partnering with Johns Hopkins Mental Health Department


In honor of World Mental Health Day, I want to share a little more of my heart behind why Joy Paper Co supports mental health research and awareness with a portion of it’s proceeds. When I decided to start Joy Paper Co, I knew I wanted it to support something bigger than myself. So, I sat down and really thought about what my heart breaks for. If I could solve ANY problem, what would it be? After some reflection, I couldn't ignore the pain I felt for those struggling with their mental health. Mental illness truly has become something that more people seem to be struggling with everyday, yet can be such a sensitive subject. 


I remember growing up with a stigma around counseling and seeking professional help. I’m not even sure where it came from (I don’t remember hearing my parents ever speaking negatively about it), but somehow the culture I grew up in taught me that going to a counseling session meant that you’re a “basketcase”. Fast forward to early years in high school and if anyone ever suggested getting professional help for any reason, I immediately got offended. But then something pretty traumatic happened in my life - my grandfather decided to take his life. This event completely blew up my world and perception that I could hold it all in, deal with it myself and didn’t need anyone’s (especially professional) help when it came to emotions. 


Once I was in college, although I was more open to the idea of counseling, I was still very skeptical going into my first “session”. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized this was something I believe EVERYONE should be doing. It just felt so good to talk to someone who wasn’t on a certain side and voice thoughts that had been spinning in my head for years. I believe that eventually there is too much that happens in each person’s life to process it all on our own. I want to end the stigma and create a community that not only empowers each other, but also relies on each other when needed. I believe the power of research and awareness can help, and that's why 10 percent of Joy Paper Co’s proceeds support research at Johns Hopkins mental health department.


I hope you’ll partner with me to support a needed cause and to create the kind of community that empowers and supports unconditionally. 




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